It's Katie P. Baby...

-Katie Pemberton
-Age: 23
-Location: Kansas City, KS


Katie P. works at a bank in Kansas, and also bartends... This busy lady is always busy! Whether she's working, going to the gym, or hanging out with my family and friends, she is always into something. Katie enjoys traveling. Her favorite places to visit are Mexico, Miami, and of course Las Vegas baby. Katie P. is a fun loving individual. She loves to make people laugh and you will always catch her with a smile on her face! Katie is a staight forward kind of lady who isn't afraid to keep it 100 and tell a person like it is...  She also loves high heels but I has an awesome collection of Nike's...

Turn Ons: Family oriented, goals, tall, dark skin, confidence, tattoos, athletic, muscles, holding a conversation, keeping a smile on my face and making me laugh.
Turn Offs: Dishonest, lazy, bad breath, clingers, being messy.