-Ashley Nicole Latin
-Age: 27
-Location: Las Vegas, NV

With the creation of her first novel, “That Fire in Their Eyes”, Ashley Latin is the hottest young author to hit the scenes. Aside from the success of completing her first fiction romance novel that is a controversial, steamy read based in Las Vegas, Ashley Latin has dedicated her time to the business of the entertainment industry to push her career to the top. She has been trained as an Associate Producer for Video Editing/Graphic Design, Advertising and Project Manager, and did voice-overs and VJ work for a local rating show for music videos.

After two internships, one at a Publishing company and the other at a television production company, she has launched V.I.P Graphics, a graphics design/advertising company that handles the advertising for businesses, products, and artists that need to get their name out there.
With a book release due in the summer of 2011 and a design company steadily growing, she still makes time for projects for the betterment of people and raises awareness about the foster care system, homelessness and abuse.

Turn Ons: An intelligent yet comical kind of guy that can engage me in conversation and is suave in business

 Turn Offs: A man that refuses to learn, can't make me laugh and has no realistic dreams, let alone the engery to put it into motion.

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