All About Hayley...

Hayley Dunstan
Age: 20
Location: Brisbane, Australia

Who is she?
Hayley is a singer and glamour model

About Hayley:
I currently reside in Brisbane, Australia and I am signed to Australian modelling agency ‘Tamblyn Model Management’. I have been singing since I was four and modelling on and off since I was 13. I have sung at numerous festivals and shows, have been published in men’s magazine ‘Zoo Weekly’ twice and I was also lucky enough to be named one of Australia’s 76 hottest beach babes. In my down time I am usually studying as I am finishing my Bachelor of Business Marketing and Events Management degree in between work. If I am not busy with University, my friends or my boyfriend I love to cook, paint, sew, sing and touch up on my fashion research to release my creativity.

Her Turn-Ons and Turn-Offs:
I like my men to be confident but not cocky – they can come have a friendly casual chat with me, but PLEASE do not walk over acting like your all that and start insulting me and then ask me out. Intelligence and a great sense of humour are both a must. A man who can make me giggle and astound me with his knowledge will have me eating out of the palm of his hand. Last, but certainly not least RESPECT ME. Chivalry and romance is not dead, that is just a myth that a bunch of lazy men put together to avoid their duties.

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