Sexy Keira Lee

Keira Lee
Age: 25
Location: Philippines

Twitter: @SexyKeiraLee
FACEBOOK: MissKeiraLee

About Me

Favorite Sport: Volleyball and badminton
Favorite Ice Cream: cookies and cream-masarap
Favorite Clothes: Only if I have too!
Birthplace? The Philippines , I am 100% Filipina, I have spent my entire life in the Philippines !
What do you like most about yourself? That is an easy one, my long hair.
What do you like least about yourself? Sometimes i'm way too trusting!
Tattoos? No way... they hurt!
Are you fluent in English?  I can speak 5 different languages and dialects including English!
Does your hair take a lot of time to keep beautiful? Yes but I truly love my hair, So it is a labor of love.
Favourite parts of a guy?  His smile and his sense of humor.
Favourite parts of a girl?  Her legs and bottom,
Favourite food:  I love Thai food because I love hot food and I love mango's and chocolate, masarap (delicious)

Want to know even more?

I was born the eldest of 4 children in a small village in the province of Negros Occidental on the exotic island of Negros . My home was a very small nippa hut made of bamboo. My family was very poor, we had no electricity or running water. Everyday we would carry our water on a sled that was pulled by our carabao. My family had a small business travelling to near by towns and villages selling vegetables on market days. When I was not in school I would be helping my family selling vegetables or helping my mama and papaplanting and harvesting rice. Sometimes we had to stay over night in a nearby town so we could be up early to start working in the market. I can remember many times as a child at night when it was rainy season or a typhoon was coming, their would be fifteen or twenty men, women and children all huddled under a truck trying to sleep and trying to keep warm and out of the rain but that was impossible, we all looked like drown rats.

Now I look back on those times and it is those memories that make me thankful for the oppotunity that allows me to follow my dream as a model. Except for typhoons on the nights we stayed at the markets my home life was very happy, My family where very poor but my mama and papa always had so much love for my two brother's and sister and me. My parents taught me a good lesson that money does not bring true happiness, only the people you love and who love you can do that. When I was young the main food we would eat in our home was (bulad) which is dry salted fish with rice. Even today sometimes I still buy bulad not only because I miss eating it but it reminds me of my family and the happy childhood I shared with my family and friends.

When I was young and I had time to myself I would always be reading about movie stars and famous models and artist and I have always had a dream that one day, just maybe I can be a model or an artist too.

Since my family was very religious and conservative, my experiences with guys and girls sexually have been limited. Most of what I’ve seen and learned has come from the internet, It wasn’t until I met one of my childhood friends that I started thinking seriously about my dreams of modeling and about taking photos and having a website of my own. Ever since I took my first photos, I knew this is what I truly wanted to do, it makes me feel so free and sensual when i'm in front of the camera. I hope my website will bring both you and I many sensual, erotic experiences together.

I have found three things about myself the first I just love having my photo taken and the 2nd is I love being naked, I can remember as a small child running and playing naked. 3rd I love to travel, so with my website I hope to be able to combine the three and bring you many beautiful, sexy and erotic nude photos from all over my beautiful country. Remember we have more than 7,100 islands!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read and for getting to know me a little more. Thank you for joining my site and becoming my friend. I hope you are happy and I want you to think of this as your site, too.

XOXO, Keira

Turn Ons: I am a romantic at heart and a chocoholic, so I would have to say Chocolates and roses.

Turn Off's: Rudeness and people whose ego's are larger then their IQ.