The Beautiful & Erotic Annie Violet

Annie Violet
Age: 20
Location: Fountain Valley, CA

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I'm Annie Violet and I've been modeling for about 4 yrs now (2 yrs in nude and glamour) and I'm a self-proclaimed dork who's always bubbly and lively. I'm shy at first but will warm up to someone pretty fast and I'm always positive because being negative takes too much work/energy so I don't bother. My style can be eclectic and bright or dark and twisted and I get my inspiration from anime, cosplay, street fashion, goth, alternative, punk rock, and Japanese visual kei. I love to stand out in a crowd and I will always wear what I want because I feel like it even if it is considered wrong or not cool by society's standards. I feel modeling is my creative outlet and I love to express myself through photos!

Turn Ons - Guys who are sweet, well-mannered, respectful, and have an edgy/unique quality to their personality.

Turn Offs - Cockiness, selfishness, and guys who are bullies so no douchebags please lol