The Lovely Loreal..

Loreal "Aiko Melissa"
Age: 20 Something
Location: Detroit, MI
Twitter: @AikoMelissa

Loreal was born and raised in the heart of Detroit, MI. "Growing up in Detroit Is a life altering experience! There's no other place like it!" Loreal has a passion so strong for modeling that keeps her focused, and on the road to success! Loreal landed her 1st Magazine cover a year into her hair modeling career, and is also published in several different Hair Magazines that rotate Nationally! Loreal is very quiet and laid back until its time to "work it" in front of the camera! (When her Model Chic Aiko-Melissa takes over) When she isn't posing for the flash she spends most of her free time in Malls and Airports across America to give in to her addiction to shopping and traveling! Loreal is also on a mission to increase Sickle Cell Awareness every chance she gets! "I know where I came from and I know where I'm going! You might want to familiarize yourself with my face, its going to be everywhere!" Loreal is determined to make it out of the D, or die trying!

Turn on's: Having ya Sh*t Together is Most Important!! I believe a respectable, well dressed, clean cut, God Fearing man, that is family oriented, determined to achieve greatness, and also has a Great sense of humor with a set of pearly whites is sent from heaven!!!

Turn offs: Lames, wanna-bees, liars, show-offs, people that do more talking than listening, and people that can't take one for the team :)